Payouts to Dance Accounts


Payout sessions are split up into quarters.  Each session and it's payout dates are listed below:

  • Fall Session - October 1st to December 31st - Payout is around January 17th - 20th

  • Winter Session - January 1st to March 31st - Payout is around April 17th - 20th

  • Spring Session - April 1st to June 31st - Payout is between July 17th and August 1st (Due to CWS & Swim Trials)

  • Summer Session - July 1st to September 30th - Payout is around 17th - 20th



As with any other business or organization we have expenses. Some of those include:

  • Liability Insurance

  • NPO status filing fees, IRS fees, accounting, bank fees

  • Administration fees

  • General & Specialty Supplies for stands. Things like fans, pens, organizing items, etc.

  • Website domain and hosting costs.

  • Dancer's Closet Expenses



At times we have special events that are considered separate payouts.  This means that the specific event is put into a different pool from normal events.  The Special Events funds ONLY gets split between the people who worked the event.  We may add more events as time goes on.  The current events that qualify are as follows:

  • College World Series (CWS)

  • NE State Wrestling Tournament

  • Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders

  • NCAA March Madness

  • NCAA Big East Tournament

  • USA Swim Trials

  • Aksarben Ball

  • Banquets

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