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Where We Make Dancers’ Dreams Come True!

Our number one goal is to provide the means for families of young dancers to pursue their dreams without worrying about how or who is going to fund their passion.


Who we are and What we do.

Just Dance, Inc. was formed for families of students in the competitive dance world. If you have a dancer in your family, you know how activity fees and costs can add up! Often, the cost of a dancer’s education can be extremely stressful to the family. Many families struggle to balance normal living expenses with the high cost of dance tuition, competition fees, travel expenses and costumes. To keep our kids doing what they love, with the primary objective of reducing financial stress, a couple of parents brainstormed and came up with Just Dance, Inc.

Our plan is simple: volunteers staff concession stands in the local Omaha/Metro area, in exchange for donation revenues directly paid out to Just Dance, Inc. The money received is then divided equally and used to provide scholarships to dancers of those volunteer families. The funds go to several local dance studios and high school dance teams and are paid out quarterly. The more volunteers we have, the more students we can provide scholarships for!

The practice has become so successful, and has gained so much steam, that parents of students in other sports and activities have recognized its success. Over the past year, we’ve added additional sports and clubs to the Just Dance, Inc. family! You’ll now also find our scholarships getting paid out to parents of students in select or club sports, high school sports teams and academic teams.

How it works.

Shift Sign-ups & Assignments

Before any volunteer can begin working concession shifts, appropriate training and paperwork must be completed. Once that occurs, volunteers can start signing up for shifts at their convenience.

● A monthly sign-up form is created by Just Dance, Inc. for all shifts at the CHI Arena, TD Ameritrade and Baxter Arena.

● An email will be sent out to the volunteers once those shifts have become active.

● Slots and events will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis.

● A final email will be sent before the event reminding everyone of their shift, which will also contain details on times, stand number, etc.

Things to Consider

● If you sign up for a shift, you are expected to work the event. Please plan your calendar accordingly.

● Often, we have a waiting list for a particular event. At these times, if you are placed on the waiting list, assume you are working the event; however, refer to the email communications to verify the schedule.

● Baxter Arena, TD Ameritrade and CHI Arena have different expectations as far as uniforms, parking, and arrival times. You are expected to know what is needed for each event and venue.


Scholarship Payouts to Dance Accounts

Each quarter, the donations are paid out to Just Dance, Inc. from each venue. Our scholarship payout quarters are:

● Fall Quarter - October 1st to December 31, paid by January 20

● Winter Quarter - January 1st to March 31st, paid by April 20

● Spring Quarter - April 1st to June 30th, paid by July 20

● Summer Quarter - July 1st to September 30th, paid by October 20 *Any bills or fees that the Non-Profit Organization must pay will come out of all Revenue before Payouts are made:

● Insurance

● Tax filing fees

● Stand supplies

● Website Hosting and Design fees

● Bank fees

● Dancer’s closet expenses

The Fine Print.

Scholarships will be awarded at the end of the quarter based on the total number of shifts worked. For example:

● College World Series - TD Ameritrade

● Grand Total Payout - $30,600/Total shifts 180 = $170 per shift If you volunteered and worked 14 shifts, the scholarship payout awarded to a student’s account would be $2380.

Some events are paid separately as a Specialty Payout. However, these events are still paid out on our normal quarter-end payout schedule. If the event is being paid out separately, it will be noted on the signup form. The following events that will ALWAYS be paid out separately are:

● College World Series - TD Ameritrade

● Aksarben Ball - Location TBD

● State Wrestling Tournament - CHI Arena

● Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders - CHI Arena

All funds (stand revenue, tips, extras, etc.) are put together for the session to determine the scholarship payouts. This is done so that it doesn’t make a difference if you a working a slow event or a large event and ensures that we have staffing for all events.

Once all checks come in from each venue for each quarter, then scholarship payouts will be figured and disbursed. All venue payments typically arrive by the 15th of the month following the quarter end. Scholarship payments are typically made by the 20th of the month following quarter end.

Sharadyn E., Arkansas Razorback's Mascot Big Red, Rachael E., Leanne J. and our Master's students having fun working at TD Ameritrade Park during the 2018 Men's College World Series.

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